things and stuff

for me, these things and stuff work as exemplary devices for the defamiliarization of that which is or has become familiar to me or is been taken for granted. they are instruments to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known, inducing a different state of perception. for me.

I often work with found material. when I'm attracted to things in the material world I notice a drawing force coming from these things. like the magnetic pull of an atom’s nucleus or the centrifugal force that spirals a galaxy. I'm convinced some things choose my company.

collected here are a few examples of what I call 'unnamed assemblies' from the series 'momentary coalitions'. the materials used are found things, salt-dough, burned and enameled as well as unburned clay, plaster, sand, fabric, thread, rubber bands, different metals, wood, paint, stone, cardboard, plastic, and other things. these works have been assembled between 2016 and 2019.